😚 😘
by Anonymous


Love yooouuuuu!!!! Mmmmwwaaaah. xoxoxo
by Anonymous


Oooohhhh Portland? That's nice :) Have fun Noel! :D
by Anonymous

Thank you! I’m thrilled!

Hiiii :)
by Anonymous

Hello!! Guess who’s in portland for the weekend??

You'll get her back just give it time!
by Anonymous

Thank you!

All I want is you.

What are some of their blogs!
by Anonymous

Oh idk if they have tumblr

Too soon? I was just asking a question? I'm not sure what too soon even means? I'm a missing something?
by Anonymous

I don’t really want a talk about my relationship status!

Please tell me you know girls around Phoenix you can hook me up with? :)
by Anonymous

Haha! I’m sure! I know a group of lesbians thanks to a Facebook group.

Do you like anyone?
by Anonymous

Welp this question is too soon..