new beginnings

the name's noel.

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twenty three years young.

What's your type of a romantic date? :)
by Anonymous

Each date is different..

Thank you sooo much for the birthday wish sis
by Anonymous


Thank you so much Noel. It really means a lot. At least I can smile now on my birthday.
by Anonymous

Happy birthday!!

I will try to plough forward my friend. I am a sore loser because I am a guy and I had been crying. But I guess pain makes you do that.
by Anonymous

Hey I know what that’s like but keep smiling!

It's been really frustrating and mentally stressful situation for me. I can't believe parents can be this negative minded. Keep on accusing me for everything. Nagging me 24/7. It's really trying my likings. Btw, it was sad face with tears that I put. Had been tearing up for a while. It's not worth living like this. 😂
by Anonymous

I’m so sorry.. I know what it’s like with parents. Mine are not accepting. It is something you have to keep pushing through and make yourself happy. That’s the forefront.

by Anonymous


I don't want to live anymore 😂
by Anonymous

Why is there a happy vibe to that message. That’s not ok. Each person should be valued and appreciated

Hey cutie! I love you and I mean it! :) <3 <3 mmmmwwwwaaahhhh xoxoxo
by Anonymous

Ahhh you’re cool

by Anonymous

Thank youuu